The advantages of having a nanny include the following:

  • The convenience of maintaining family routine.
  • More personalised interaction.
  • Sustaining a familiar environment.
  • Exposure to illnesses is minimised significantly.

The convenience of having a nanny is that family routines can be followed with one on one interaction while being in the comfort of the children’s own environment. Exposure to illnesses is also minimised significantly.

General duties for a nanny include the following but ultimately will depend on each family’s needs:

  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment where your children can grow and develop through age appropriate play activities.
  • Preparing and serving all meals for the children as needed.
  • Changing nappies and preparing bottles if and when required.
  • Carers can keep a communication diary listing how your child’s day has been, foods they have eaten, toileting patterns and overall well being of the child/children in their care.
  • Bathing and dressing children as needed.
  • Transporting your children to kindergarten, school or any other extracurricular activities such as playgroup, library group times, swimming, ballet, football, basketball practice, etc.
  • Assisting with homework, reading and unpacking school bags for older children.
  • Conducting light household duties such as washing children’s clothing, loading and unloading dishwasher.
  • Keeping children’s play areas clean and tidy.


Newborn in mother's hands

  • Ensuring safety and well being of children in the absence of the parents.
  • Reading stories, singing songs, playing games and providing overall entertainment to the children.
  • Feeding meals to children as required.
  • Washing and dressing children as required.
  • Settling children into bed.

Before/After school care carers

General duties include the following but ultimately will depend on each family’s needs:

Before school:

  • Dressing children.
  • Preparing breakfast and cleaning up.
  • Dropping children off at school/kinder.

After school:

  • Picking children up from school/kinder.
  • Transporting children to various extracurricular activities.
  • Preparing meals for the children – afternoon tea and dinner.
  • Assisting children with homework, reading, and unpacking school bags.
  • Bathing/showering children ready for bed.
  • Keeping a communication diary where all school notices from school bags can be placed.

Au Pairs

Group Of 3 Children Realxing Outdoors In Autumn LandscapeAu Pairs positions are generally carried out by Carers from overseas or rural Australia. They assist with childcare and housework in exchange for board and food and a small amount of spending money.

They usually work 5 days a week with fixed start and finished times.  Au Pairs are not on call 24/7. If additional babysitting is required this must be in agreement with the Au Pair and additional babysitting rates will apply.

Caring for Melbourne Nanny Agency does not usually provide this service as Au Pairs candidates do not meet our requirements, however if you are interested in this position please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Au Pairs must have own room and it is preferred that they have their own bathroom however sharing with children is acceptable.