Child Safe Policy

This policy has been written to demonstrate the strong commitment that Caring for Melbourne Nanny Agency has towards child safety. It is promoted and implemented throughout our practices ensuring that all  our carers follow appropriate and consistent measures to prevent and respond to allegations of child abuse. This includes cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and disabilities.

‘A guide for creating a child safe organisation’ by the Commission for ‘Children and young people’ was used as a reference when creating this  policy.

In collaboration with families and staff this document was constructed and approved by the Director/Owner Natasha De Carro on May 1st 2017. It is due to be reviewed May 2018

Commitment to child safety

Caring for Melbourne Nanny Agency is committed to ensuring that all children not only feel safe but are safe within their caring environment. As an organisation we demonstrate a zero tolerance towards discrimination and take deliberate steps to protect children from physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, and cultural abuse and neglect. We actively invite the inclusion of all families in which we aim to create a child safe environment allowing children to grow and develop in a safe, caring and nurturing environment.

Children’s rights to safety and participation

It is the right of a child using our services to feel safe and be safe within a nurturing, caring environment. Caring for Melbourne Nanny Agency encourages all children in their care to express themselves and have the confidence to speak or demonstrate if they feel unsafe. Children’s voices are heard and the organisation will act on their behalf if any concerns or issues are expressed.

Valuing Diversity

Caring for Melbourne Nanny Agency values and implements diversity in many ways throughout our organisation. We promote the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of Aboriginal children and their families, children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and their families. We also welcome children with disabilities and act to promote their participation whilst actively listening and collaboratively working with our families meeting individual needs. We communicate openly and honestly to develop a personal relationship, seeking appropriate staff from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Recruiting Staff and Volunteers

Caring for Melbourne Nanny Agency is very thorough when conducting  the recruitment process and takes reasonable steps to employ skilled carers to work with children. The Director/owner personally conducts all interviews and screening processes to ensure that each carer is trustworthy, reliable and suitably matched with their individual families. The selection criteria and advertisements clearly state our commitment to child safety. When employing staff, reference checks, working with children cards and police checks are conducted.

On commencement with the agency the carers have 21 days to notify Working with Children that they have joined the agency allowing us to be directly contacted if a breech has occurred. As an extra safety measure the director personally checks monthly each working with children card to ensure it is still current and the carer is safe to continue working with children.

Supporting staff and volunteers

Caring for Melbourne Nanny Agency seeks to attract and retain quality carers who are experienced and professional. We provide support and encouragement so that our team feels valued, respected and treated fairly. A code of conduct has been developed so that our carers have a full understanding of what is required and expected of them with training provided.

Reporting a child safety concern or complaint

For carers, parents and children it is recommended that they contact the Director who has been appointed the ‘Child Safety person’. A decision will then be made about the appropriate action taken in accordance with legal requirements and duty of care with an internal investigation being completed. Please refer to our ‘Step by step guide to making a report to child protection or child first processes.

Reports to the child safety person can be done in a verbal report, letter, email, phone call or meeting.

If any child is in immediate danger 000 will be called.

All child safe complaints, disclosures, or breaches of the code of conduct will be recorded and stored in accordance with security and privacy requirements. Although confidentiality cannot be promised in these matters, it will be dealt with in a professional matter with only those who need to know being informed.

Risk Management

Minimising the risk of any harm to children is taken very seriously within our organisation. All appropriate measures are put into place to ensure this can be done to the best of our capabilities throughout our policies, procedures and training.

Reviewing this policy

This policy will be reviewed yearly. Suggestions from carers, parents and children will be taken into consideration when reviewing the policy – Review due September 2020